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IDEFIX is a research project held by the Advanced Programming Languages and Technologies group and the Human Computer Interaction group which both belong to the Oviedo3 research group. The goal is to research in the development of interactive environments that facilitate distance learning of computer science topics. The main features of the system are:


Jose Emilio Labra Gayo Project Coordinator
Agustín Cernuda del Río Component Software Development
Daniel Gayo Avello Semantic Web
María Candida Luengo Díez Language Processors
Ana Belén Martínez Prieto Human Computer Interface
María del Carmen Suárez Torrente Usability
Juan Ramón Pérez Pérez Human Computer Interface
Jose Manuel Morales Programming Languages Teaching
Fernando Coll Fueyo Developer of Collaborative Assistant system
Micaela Prior Developer of Programming Assignment system
Roberto Turrado Camblor Developer of Problem Manager system
Cecilia García< Developer of Game based Web Environment
Hernán Sagastegui Chigne Distance Learning Systems
María Elena Alba Obeso Usability
Alfredo Jarero Silva Developer of Logic Programming Tracer


Papers and presentations

Public specifications

This section includes public specifications and documents developed by the IDEFIX team. These documents are only in english.

Local documents

This section contains internal documents. Although these documents are public, they are not part of the IDEFIX main documentation. These documents should be written in english, but you can find some spanish documents also.

Private communications

Private communications are accesible only to members of the IDEFIX project. These communications may be written both in english or spanish.


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